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You might be thinking that data mining is statistics and math and programming. No, it’s not. Well, yes, it is a bit. Those things are in there, but they are not what is most important to be a data miner. What is important is knowing how to pull the information you need from data.

I am willing to bet that at least once, some time ago, maybe recently, you spent hours going through columns of numbers in a spreadsheet or table to find something you needed. That was data mining. Okay, it’s data mining the hard way, because it is hard to do that effectively with lots of data or to solve complex problems, but it works and it is data mining. Imagine though, if you had suitable tools, and you learn how to use them, that you can discover more things a lot faster and a lot easier than is possible “data mining” by hand.


You are ready.

Okay, you might be thinking that’s great, I can learn how to data mine. But you might also be wondering whether coming to this site is the right way for you to learn data mining, or perhaps you are wondering whether you have the right knowledge or skills to learn data mining. Maybe you weren’t good at math, or maybe you have never have taken a statistics course before and you don’t feel you are ready to take a course in data mining. I had the same worries when I was first learning how to data mine. Let me tell you more about when I started out, where I came from and what I did, and maybe you will feel better about how ready you are.

I have a basic understanding of statistics, which I almost never need to use, and I had a straight D average in math every year in high school until the very end, when I pulled up my socks so I could go to university. I learned to data mine in my mid forties as my career path had suddenly changed and I was forced to adapt to survive. Even with these challenges, I became an effective data miner because data mining does not require that I know very much math or statistics.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever put a column of numbers into Microsoft EXCEL and summed them? Good, then you can do the math. I know you’re likely thinking that the tool did the math, not you. It doesn’t matter. Data mining software does the statistics and math for you. What you bring to the table is the know-how that the numbers need to be added. How they get added does not really matter. We’ll show you what needs to be done, and that’s what’s important. Let the software deal with the math.

Now, let’s look again at that column of numbers that you summed. That’s data, but that is not information. Data mining is the process of extracting information from data. Have you ever tried to find the average of numbers by dividing the sum by the number of entries in the column? The desire to know the average and finding it is data mining. Even if you don’t know EXCEL and you do it by hand on paper, you are data mining.


Learn at your pace

Congratulations, you are already a data miner. But don’t put that on your resume just yet: there are a lot of more interesting things that you can do to discover in data mining than an average, and of lot of other skills that are available than sum and divide. Data mining provides a vast array of tools and options you can learn, only some of which you will ever need or use, and some you will wonder how you lived without for so long.

There is so much choice that you can become overwhelmed, but you won’t be. We try to introduce what you need to know step by step, building on fundamental knowledge of data mining, which at the beginning can be just sums and division. We help you to grow your skills at your pace, adding more tools to your data mining toolbox, when you are ready for them. It’s that simple.


Get started–(What’s the catch?)

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We admit freely that we’re new to teaching online, but we have decades of experience in Data Mining, teaching data mining and mentoring in data mining, and we’ll try to teach it just as we would have liked to have been taught.  But we want this to be as interactive as possible.  You have questions, comments, concerns, a rash that won’t go away?  Give us a ring.  We’ll try to help you AND use your questions to better our site.

Oh, before you get going, some of you may be wondering why a site that teaches data mining is called Monkey Miners. Great question. Two reasons really. First, there is a movement in the analytics world away from PhDs and people with Masters degrees owning the means to data mining. All people can access and do data mining now, even knuckle-dragging monkeys like us.

Second, I like monkeys. Who doesn’t like monkeys?

Okay, enough of my prattling. If you read this far, then you are ready to get your hands dirty and give it a try. Just press the big button below and try it for yourself. And if you like it, tell your friends about us. Did I mention that we can teach you the basics in a day, without advanced mathematics or special software? Actually, you won’t even need a day. Must have slipped my mind. I bet you could take in the basic data mining in under an hour. Prove it.

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Did you know a monkey alone is just called a monkey, but a group of monkeys is called a troop? Be the troop. Join us.


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